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ASC has developed a powerful and easy to use ACCS.NET system for SME, It can maximize their productivity and profitability. ACCS.NET is the most comprehensive and completed Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, CRM, Manufacturing and Retail distribution management system. It have Multi-currency, Multi-warehouse system; on-line or off-line version available. Chinese and English tables provide for different companies, One-click technology, it cans easy deploying your application in any time.


Retail Solution

ACCS POS is a MS Windows-based point of sale solution which integrates with other ACCS.NET module such as Account, Inventory & CRM. The system requires little training or support, and provides features which are currently unavailable in competitive products.

  • Fashion
  • Department store
  • Toys
  • mobile & Electronics industry
  • Fast Food
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Salon
  • Sporting Goods
ERP & MRP Solution

ERP Software to Helping Manufacturers Stay Lean, Agile and Competitive.

IQMS delivers innovative solutions that help manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. Whether build-to-order or build-to-stock supply-chain models, IQMS systematically streamlines processes across process, discrete, and repetitive manufacturing environments.

  • ISO standards
  • TS standards
  • FDA requirements
  • GAAP standards
  • Sarbanes-Oxley requirement
Beauty Salon Management System

ACCS Beauty designed by beauty professionals, this beauty management software is a cut above others in the industry. Because of its optimized functions, it takes fewer keystrokes or clicks than any other package - so it's really quick and easy to use and which integrates with other ACCS.NET module such as Account & CRM . It can c ash out a client with three different services, record the transaction in their history, calculate the commission for each of the technicians, sell a retail product, adjust the inventory, record the payment type, all with a smile on your face in under six seconds !

ACCS Trading

ACCS system is an efficiency orientated Business Process and Management Information System. It removes the complexity in traditional operational transactions, providing a quick and simple way to work, leading to a concise and accurate report for management and operational decisions. Saving more than 70% of operating resources and reporting effort is quite possible as utilizing the system.

  • Quotation Module
  • Sales order Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Stock In/Out Module
  • Accounting Module
Dry Cleaning System

The business process of “ACCS Dry Cleaning system” includes: clothes collection, handover for washing, hanging, clothes withdrawing.
Clothes collection: collect clothes to be washed from customers and input relevant information as per requirement and indication;
Handover for washing: take the clothes to be washed from the clothes collection section to washing room (optional);
Hanging:> hang the washed clothes according to the number in the specified position (optional);
Clothes withdrawing: customers will take clothes washed by showing the receipt.

The terms of payment supported by the software includes: cash, washing coupon, prepaid card and Octopus card. The software can support the clothes hanging management in the transfer line; what’s more, it has the hanging optimization calculation function to ensure the balance of transfer line and the clothes withdrawing near the customer.
The price system supported by the software: five independent sorts of service prices would be set for clothes: dry cleaning, water washing, leather garment, darning and individual ironing.

Financial Management

ACCS.Net accounting system is suitable for use in almost every industry and can be scaled to meet the needs of your company, from 1 to 500 concurrent users.

It including A/R, A/P and G/L;from entry to posting of journal vouchers, printing a wide variety of accounting reports, customer statement; deposit,debit/credit note handing,budgeting,bank reconciliation,and finally produce trail balance,profit & loss statement and balance sheet.